Our BA-thesis exhibition at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki 2013. My work was about extremities of bodily remains and the thought of the existence of something immaterial and continuous.

Kaapeli, Helsinki 2013


We hopped on a swiftly arranged exhibition at an old butchery in Helsinki. Unplanned communion of two paper works of Lauri Tujula and myself dealt with themes alike; between here and thereafter.

Teurastamo, Helsinki 2013

Time warpers

Time warpers was an exhibition of four artists including Lauri Tujula, Sallamari Ranta, Jaakko Myyri and myself. Exhibition themes dealed with the concept of time and its various levels and was part of the Kalevatron-festival in Lappeenranta 2014.

Kalevatron festival, Lappeenranta 2014


Non-things was my first solo exhibition at Gallery Linnankatu 33, Turku. This entity of works old (but continued) and new was in a way a sum of the change in my work through time and the direction its taking.

Gallery Linnankatu 36, Turku 2014

Washaway parts

Exhibition held together with Anu Haapanen at B-gallery Turku in April 2015 . The themes of our exhibition spun around apocalyptic thoughts. In my work this appeared through shattering landscape and breaking shapes.

B-gallery, Turku 2015

Exhibition no. 2

Series of four monotype prints called Änäkänselän asutuksen jäänteitä I-IV (Remainings of Änäkänselkä habitation I-IV), all 59,4 × 84,1 cm. I thought of finding signs of first native settlements around my summer cabin woods. These were seen in the Exhibition no. 2 of our since defunct co-operative group called Cornershop.

Porvoonkatu bar, Helsinki 2015

Tein sinulle hyvän kodin

I made you a good home

In a recurrent dream I find a rodent cage on top of my closet. I’ve forgotten its existence for months, maybe years. The animals run wild and have reproduced uncontrollably. I try to divide them into smaller metallic and plastic cages – just to stop the breeding. One has lain dead in its nest for a long time.

My charcoal drawings and installation base on the interest towards our relation to other species and the habit of building nature-like environments for us and to those others. How natural materials are seamlessly combined with plastic, metal and glass. Slippery and hard surfaces in which claws rustle and teeth sink into slower. Amidst these themes I’ve tried to shatter my ways of crafting images and tolerate the imperfectness of drawing.

What kind of values are mixed into a structure in which we try to provide special surroundings to a creature of another kind? Can they be assimilated to spaces made for ourselves and the way it feels in them?

Project Room, Helsinki 2017


By the methane sea

Let us say that instead of water there would flow methane. One would inhale hydrogen gas. To imagine something that is unattainable by both distance and circumstances.

I have recently thought about places that are so remote that almost anything can be imagined there. It is possible that we have never even been to these spheres.

And yet the shapes seem vaguely familiar. There is something animate in the almost inanimate form. Discarded shells that may once have been dwellings. Emptiness arises from the lack of prepared activities. Maybe this place is meant for another kind of intelligence.

I am only sure about one thing: it is quiet in here.

Kuvan Kevät, ex-Amos Anderson museum 2018