Tein sinulle hyvän kodin

I made you a good home

In a recurrent dream I find a rodent cage on top of my closet. I’ve forgotten its existence for months, maybe years. The animals run wild and have reproduced uncontrollably. I try to divide them into smaller metallic and plastic cages – just to stop the breeding. One has lain dead in its nest for a long time.

My charcoal drawings and installation base on the interest towards our relation to other species and the habit of building nature-like environments for us and to those others. How natural materials are seamlessly combined with plastic, metal and glass. Slippery and hard surfaces in which claws rustle and teeth sink into slower. Amidst these themes I’ve tried to shatter my ways of crafting images and tolerate the imperfectness of drawing.

What kind of values are mixed into a structure in which we try to provide special surroundings to a creature of another kind? Can they be assimilated to spaces made for ourselves and the way it feels in them?

Project Room, Helsinki 2017


By the methane sea

Let us say that instead of water there would flow methane. One would inhale hydrogen gas. To imagine something that is unattainable by both distance and circumstances.

I have recently thought about places that are so remote that almost anything can be imagined there. It is possible that we have never even been to these spheres.

And yet the shapes seem vaguely familiar. There is something animate in the almost inanimate form. Discarded shells that may once have been dwellings. Emptiness arises from the lack of prepared activities. Maybe this place is meant for another kind of intelligence.

I am only sure about one thing: it is quiet in here.

Kuvan Kevät, ex-Amos Anderson museum 2018

This is not my beautiful house

The mind is a room that has objects in it, a particular order. Picturing that room I struggle to find sensibility. Where is this place?

It’s not how I thought it would be.

This is not my beautiful house is a group of works that came from an effort to draw an understandable view out of elements that disintegrate just like that.

Odenplan metro station gallery Montern, Stockholm 2019



There’s a world beneath us that is often left invisible.

My understanding of soil life is probably as narrow as that of most of us. I wanted to draw something more than just an enabler of growth and an instrument – an entity itself. Complexity that lives and changes regardless of us.

Layers and crossings and beings that fit into a fistful of soil.

The work is part of Trophic verses – an artistic exploration into the life and phenomena in and around of Earth’s body of soil.

Viikki, Helsinki 2020